A Privacy Policy is a document that explains to visitors or users of a website the personal information that the website collects about when they browse its pages. This document also explains how the personal information is collected, for what reasons this personal information is collected, as well as the rights that users or visitors have in relation to these practices.

A Privacy Policy is different from the Terms and Conditions of a website. On one hand, a Privacy Policy agreement is required if a website collects personal information from its users, e.g. email addresses, first and last names etc. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to inform users about the collection and use of personal data of users. On the other hand, the Terms and Conditions set forth terms, conditions, requirements, and clauses relating to the use of the website e.g. copyright protection, accounts termination in cases of abuse, and so on.

“Personal information” means any information that identifies an individual, such as: surnames, first names, postal and electronic addresses, telephone, credit card, social security or social insurance numbers, the date of birth, etc.

This document is adapted to European Regulation 2016/679 where applicable.