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Original Music

Music is where I go for inspiration

Music is where I go for inspiration, each song a beacon on my journey through life. I love crafting windows of sound to take myself, and you, on beautiful sonic travels. 

The songs on my vocal albums are messages and stories; of falling down and getting back up, of digging deep to find the light in the soul. I hope they touch you and raise you up too. take me there

My instrumental music combines my other voice – the grand piano – with moving accompaniment like cello and sax. It’s there for you to relax and enjoy, have a listen. take me there

The music inspired by film brings the magic of matching light, color and sound to the emotions of the project. take me there


In the eyes

of others...

“Blue breaks the heart with the aching beauty of her singing; it's almost too lovely for this world, a voice sent down from the heavens. Blue's vocals are down-to-Earth and in your ear; they whisper in the darkest corners of your room, caught between the sun and shadow. Blue combines sensuality with empathy and tender loving care; her vocals don't just kiss you, they embrace you.”


— Adam Herrington

julie blue

Vocal Albums

One Of a Kind Woman

One of A Kind Woman

“With a voice as sultry as Sade’s and as dreamy as Dido’s, Blue unites the world of jazz, blues, pop, and soul with tasteful and deliciously inviting compositions.“
— Carson James, Chillout Island

World beat rhythms accent the pulse of this critically acclaimed jazz record. Vocal album One of a Kind Woman Includes Finding Grace in Everything, Believe in Yourself and Well of Love.

Watch the live performance of Believe in Yourself YouTube video >

Wing _ A Prayer

Wing & a Prayer

“Wing & a Prayer soars with beautiful melodies and inspired lyrics. It features Julie on vocals with a tasty backing of guitar, bass, sax, trumpet, and drums. Songs like “Strength to Fall”, “Melt My Heart”, “River of Life”, and “Thank You” beautifully convey Julies gospel soul and great big tender heart. Liner notes include the words to all her songs, which offer us strength and encouragement to live our lives as fully as we can.”

— Lorne Mallin, The Vancouver Province

Poignant vocals inspire comfort deep in the soul. This vocal album includes the tracks Strength to Fall, One Spirit and River of Life.


If You Dare by E-MOTION

Julie Blue teams up multi-instrumentalist and Westcoast Musician of the Year Joseph Pepe Danza to create the upbeat, world beat group called E-Motion. Their CD “If You Dare” is an anthem for all nature lovers and protectors of planet Earth.

The CD combines the soaring vocals of Julie Blue mixed with piano, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, saxophone, Shakuhachi flute and a multitude of drums, shakers, tambourines and other world percussion instruments.

Instrumental Albums

Shining Through

Shining Through

“From the opening track, Of Consciousness & Light, Blue’s solo piano shines through her latest album. The Vancouver musician and composer writes with deep understanding and plays with strength, clarity and remarkable subtlety. ”

—Lorne Mallin, The Vancouver Province

Slip into an enchanted, hopeful space with these melodies of renewal. This album is all instrumental music, including the tracks Floating Moon, Dream Catcher and First Son.

Heart Of The River

Heart of the River

Superbly played grand piano is textured with luscious cello, soaring flute and sax, exquisite acoustic guitar, tasteful synthesizer and percussion, with just a touch of voice that moves to a place beyond words.

A gentle current of changing musical colours, Heart of the River blends styles of classical, contemporary jazz, and new age instrumentals.

Here Comes The Sun

Julie play Beatles on grand piano

Here Comes the Sun features many of the well known classic Beatles tunes masterfully played on a grand piano. The evocative arrangements of these popular favorites are played fluidly with a gentle gracefulness. The pristine quality of digital recording combined with the heart-felt connection of Julie Blue’s performance results in a superb album that is both sweetly nostalgic and excitingly contemporary.

studio julie



I love to compose to picture and have had the pleasure of composing the score and licensing songs for movies of week, television shows, and documentaries. I also create customized music for audio branding entrepreneurs and speakers with their videos and podcasts. 

I have a fully up to date studio in my home and a huge catalogue of music. Please contact me directly for a film bio/reel or quotes on audio projects. 

Here are a sampling of music cues from past shows.



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