Music is the medicine

Finding Inner Peace Through Chanting

Music is the medicine

Imagine having music that can shift your mood & transform your state of mind

Discover Medicine Music Healing Chants: an auditory pharmacy to support your best life and increase your well-being on a deep level.

For thousands of years, our ancestors chanted mantras and songs to heal, reconcile, and honour their life experiences. Now you can experience the truth of this practice for yourself, using contemporary and traditional mantras set to original music by Julie Blue.

This is a package of 14 powerful life-affirming chants, six original chants composed by Julie, plus the Serenity Prayer, and  seven traditional mantras that she has beautifully arranged. These chants are vibratory medicine designed to heal, release, celebrate and affirm life. Each chant also has a beautiful photo or artwork with the words and a link to the meaning of the Sanskrit words for the traditional mantras.

All the chants are specially designed to help you: 

  • Remember who you truly are
  • Learn to breath and relax
  • Chant or listen for mindfulness, healing and peace
  • Cultivate self-expression and confidence
  • Release and complete the past 

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What you get

Full-length versions of all 14 tracks in crystal-clear audio
 Meditation cards with curated art and lyrics to each chant


$7.97 per chant – includes art card with words. 
$49.97 for the complete collection of 14.
($53 discount on package)

Art Cards — Benefits of Chant

Forgviness Chant - Art card

Forgive or Ho’Oponopono

‘Forgive’ or ‘Ho’Oponopono’, a mental cleansing from the Hawaiian tradition that helps us to let go of judgment, anger, and false thoughts towards others and ourselves.

Track Length: 21:23

To Call In:
Truth, compassion, release, forgiveness

Let it all go - Art card

Let It All Go

‘Let It All Go’ moves us into a space of deep acceptance, knowing that all is unfolding with Divine Timing and allows for the release of anything that is in the way.

Track Length: 13:48

To Call In:
Reassurance, alignment, liberation, surrender

I am the love - Art card

I Am The Love

I Am The Love’ returns us to the place of love within ourselves where we are able to feel love, peace, joy, health and well being again.

Track Length: 11:15

To Call In:
Love, comfort, reassurance, confidence

Ready for the world - Art card

Ready for the World

‘Ready for the World’ brings forth your strength and confidence. As you sing or listen to this chant you will raise up your joy level.

Track Length: 7:05

To Call In:
Energy, passion, vitality, happiness

Way of the Heart - Art card

Way of the Heart

‘Way of the Heart’ is designed to move you into a place of deep acceptance of what is and support you to experience the connection with your heart and mind.

Track Length: 10:00

To Call In:
Trust, acceptance, ease, grace

Serenity Prayer - Art card

Serenity Prayer

‘Serenity Prayer’ helps us connect at a deeper soul level to our intuitive wisdom, ability to find acceptance and trust our inner guidance.

Track Length: 9:02

To Call In:
Trust, acceptance, ease, grace

Loss and Love - Art card

Loss and Love

‘Loss and Love’ takes us into grief to mourn the loss of a loved one. It is appropriate to use for funerals or celebration of life events as well as provide a beautiful space of comfort to mourn.

Track Length: 6:09

To Call In:
Release, forgiveness, compassion, understanding

Ganesh Mantra - Art card


GANESH MANTRA, Chanting this will keep your mind calm and concentrated and assist in removing any obstacles. Chant all the way through this Ganesh mantra and fill your mind with peace and serenity.

Track Length: 7:23

Click for words & meaning >

To Call In:
Strength, support, motivation, power

Green Tara Mantra - Art card


When we chant the Green Tara mantra, we are not simply asking for Tara’s blessings and help with our lives, we are also asking to be liberated from all mental delusions and negative emotions that blind us to true freedom, and to achieve the same enlightened body, speech and mind that Tara represents, not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Track Length: 9:32

Click for words & meaning >

To Call In:
Freedom, clarity, equanimity, peace

Lakshimi Mantra - Art card


Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and good fortune. This mantra can be used whenever we feel we need a dose of good fortune and luck, whether material or spiritual. It is said to have the ability to bring good fortune and open up unexpected possibilities.

Track Length: 14:11

Click for words & meaning >

To Call In:
Health, beauty, abundance, miracles

Medicine Buddha - Art card


Chanting this mantra promotes healing. Enhance medicines by chanting the mantra prior to taking them. Through the practice of meditation on the Medicine Buddha, one can generate enormous healing power for self and for the healing of others.

Track Length: 9:36

Click for words & meaning >

To Call In:
Wholeness, restoration, protection, transformation



It’s said that regular practice of this mantra will bring you very close to the divine inner nature within all of us.The chant Om Namah Shivaya is a love song, to ourselves which we sing to our own deepest inner nature.

Track Length: 7:54

Click for words & meaning >

To Call In:
Grace, Goodness, Peace, Transformation

Lokah Mantra - Art card


Add the Lokah mantra to your personal practice is a meaningful and beautiful way to remind yourself that you have the capacity to bring freedom and happiness to yourself and to the lives of others.

Track Length: 9:20

Click for words & meaning >

To Call In:
Unity, harmony, connection, freedom

Bring more peace

& wellness to your life


Add Medicine Music to your self-care kit today


$7.97 per chant – includes art card with words. 
$49.97 for the complete collection of 14.
($53 discount on package)

Healing Benefits

of Singing & Chanting

Singing releases endorphins into your system and makes you feel energized and uplifted.

Singing uplifting messages and chanting from a spiritual tradition delivers a host of physical and emotional benefits, including increased aerobic exercise, improved breathing, posture, mindset, confidence and self-esteem. People who sing and chant are healthier than people who don’t.  Read More

Chanting for Inner Peace

mini course

Learn to chant the Lokah Samasta Mantra for inner peace & to bring blessings to all beings.

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In the eyes

of others...


“The empowering mantras that Julie has created have helped me take the feeling of being drained by helping people at my non profit social service job and replaced them with compassionate, energizing energy that leaves my clients refreshed and renewed. It has been miraculous and a huge blessing for me and my family. I am forever indebted to have freed my voice to sing and be present and just want to keep learning and practicing.”

— Celia Arruda

In the eyes

of others...

"Let it all Go and the Ho’ Oponopono chant are 2 that I regularly use for ending large group Rebirthing Healings.

I wouldn’t leave home without them!”


— Mahara Brenna

Master Rebirther


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